The DfE funded T2T programme has come to a close

The DfE funded Transition to Teach (T2T) programme is complete as of 31 August 2023. Cognition Education would like to express our gratitude to our participants, partners and stakeholders, all of whom have been central to the success of T2T. Collectively we have achieved: Training of 338 aspiring teachers in 15 different school subjects All participants received the guidance and mentoring needed to earn their qualified teacher status New teachers are now making a difference to the lives of 57,570 pupils in schools across the UK!

Congratulations on your accomplishments

Hundreds of participants have been able to confidently make the move into teaching through Transition to Teach and will keep on positively impacting the learning of countless students in the future. We hope that the advice and guidance you’ve received from the team will remain with you and be a source of support throughout your career.

The future of T2T

Though this DfE funded programme has concluded, stay tuned for more exciting programmes and services from T2T to support you. To stay in the loop with future news and updates from Cognition Education on T2T, contact us at