Transition to Teach & WomenEd – Working in Partnership

Transition to Teach (T2T) is delighted to announce a new partnership with WomenEd, a global grassroots movement that connects aspiring and existing women leaders in education. WomenEd’s mission is for more women in education to have the choice to progress on their leadership journey, removing systemic and organisational barriers to such progress to empower and enable women to achieve their next step, should they choose to progress.

T2T’s partnership with WomenEd is based on shared values held between both organisations and aims to increase the awareness of leadership opportunities within the education sector. T2T is working with WomenEd to ensure that our provision is as diverse and inclusive as possible. From support at our events to signposting WomenEd to our participants where relevant, this partnership offers an additional service for those who are interested in progressing quickly in their new teaching career.

T2T participants typically possess at least 5 years of career experience including at least 1 year of management experience prior to entering initial teacher training, bringing important transferable skills and experience of working within a senior position, so the majority are well positioned to take on additional responsibilities in schools, or even move into more senior roles within the sector. WomenEd actively encourage participants to be ‘10% braver’ when applying for newly qualified teacher posts or considering taking on leadership positions, helping to instil confidence, abolish ‘imposter syndrome’ caused by not feeling confident in applying for roles, and increasing the likelihood of participants securing more senior roles.

The partnership aims to share inspirational case studies of women in education to inspire future career changers, increase the opportunities for career progression available to our participants, and boost the confidence of T2T participants to take on leadership positions, now or in the future. The WomenEd mantra of 10%Braver certainly speaks to our participants and we look forward to our partnership making a difference to future leaders in education.